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Icons of the Hippie Type

peace, love, and harmony baby!

icons of the flower kids
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hola! this is a random community i created after seeing a Phil and Friends show. i am your mod, Flame. ill try to make as many icons as i can, but i want other people to post too! ^.^


1) more than 3 icons go behind an LJ-CUT! like this < lj-cut text="witty cut text!" > except without spaces between the pointy brackets.

2) the icons can be about anything related to "hippie" culture, peace, flowers, MUSIC, politics, VW microbuses, lyrics to songs, tyedye, dreadlocks, or even *gasp* drugs and alchohol! but please be careful with those. ^.^

3) comment and credit is usually nice, tho it varies from maker to maker. you credit in the description of the icon with this code: < lj user="USERNAME!" > but again, withought the spaces before/after the pointy brackets.

4) be nice! if you dont like the band portrayed, or ideas expressed, or even that drugs are posted, please keep it to yourself. we're all hippies here, so be friendly, and spread the love!


pimpin' this community is great, because its so new. tell all your friends!